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The rolling hills and beauty of Galena, IL brought us here long before we ever dreamed of being Innkeepers. We wandered the historic streets, explored the shops and, of course, dined in the wonderful restaurants. We savored each visit and took home a feeling of peace, knowing we would return. Galena became our special place where we only focused on each other. Now we have the opportunity to share our beautiful Galena with you.

We both love to bake and cook so our friends and family were not surprised to see us leave our corporate jobs and become Innkeepers. We move through the kitchen with ease, preparing your breakfast and evening dessert.

Avery Bed and Breakfast
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If you have the desire to hear first-hand what it’s like to be an Innkeeper, we openly share our story. In fact, guests have come specifically to explore this dream. Feel free to call and set up a visit.

The Avery House was built in 1848 and we specifically chose this B&B to be within walking distance (two blocks) of the Main Street shopping, restaurants and sites.

The Avery Bed & Breakfast Guest House is tucked away in trees with our ‘Big’ porch facing the Galena River valley. Our guests enter via the ‘Little’ porch where (back in the 1800’s) the carriages would have brought family and friends.

Civil War letters from Major George S. Avery to his wife Elizabeth Little (and letters from Lizzie to George) have been gifted to the Chicago Historical Society.

Avery bike
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When Major Avery and his wife Lizzie lived here, this was a very busy household as they had 6 children. It’s entertaining to envision the children heading up one staircase and coming down the other. George lived a long life. He was in the Civil War and died in 1923.

Whether our guests have an interest in history and architecture or shopping and dining, Galena and Jo Daviess County provide the ambiance for our guests to return time after time.

Let us guide you to a ‘step back in time’.

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